Glow Recipe- Korean Sisters Have Shown Miracle To The Sharks

Shark Tank, with the involvement of lots of entrepreneurs at its platform, has impressed most of the audiences, who watch the program regularly. Almost every Shark Tank episode is exciting to the TV watchers. A few months ago, one of the episodes was really remarkable as it had aired some recognized companies, including Glow Recipe.

Set up by Korean beauty experts Christine Chang and Sarah Lee, Glow Recipe has now achieved a prestigious position. The most effective product, introduced by the company for investors in Shark Tank is Pressed Serum.

A serum performing dual roles
Pressed Serum is good for almost any type of skin- sensitive, dry and normal. Usually, you perhaps buy a serum to apply it on your facial parts. And, after that, you use moisturizer as a different product. But, with Press Serum, you will be able to reduce your hassle as you can do two tasks in only one step. This high quality product not only acts as a serum but also as a moisturizer. Whether you have an irregular skin texture, wrinkles, dark lines or dryness, you may make use of this miracle cream on Shark Tank.

Exceptionally produced serum with effective constituents

The formula of the serum of Gold Recipe constitutes 60 percent of extract of Chaga Mushroom, which has been derived from some tundra regions. The manufacturer does not heat the extract; rather, they cool it in order to protect the actual nutrition, present in it. In addition to it, there is also a combination of some oils, argan and olive oil. Other ingredients, present in Pressed Serum, are-

  • Glycerin
  • Water
  • Diglycerin
  • Dipropylene Glycol,
  • Cedrus Atlantica Oil
  • Caramel

Facial masks- Treat your skin in a different way

The serum is also riskless as it does not include sulfates or parabens in its content. You can also try it out to brighten and nourish your skin. Texture or nature of the Korean serum is also quite pleasing. You will get a jelly-like spongy texture. However, while you keep on massaging your skin with it, you may find that the product becomes much thinner, just as liquid. So, your skin absorbs it instantly. But, it is better not to focus on the brown color of the product, which doesn’t appear attractive to most of the users.

Most of the sharks, present in the TV program, have observed that the serum of Gold Recipe has something different, which may not be found in other similar products. However, Lee and Chang had not stopped their contribution only by releasing the serum. They have also talked about sheet masks, which are much popular to the celebrities.

This mask has power to open up your skin pores and prevent aging signs. Gold Recipe founders have claimed that this is a genuine mask, which is enriched with minerals and vitamins. Created with advanced technology, this mask contains sea kelp, useful for your skin. When your skin needs hydration, this kelp will be helpful to you.