It’s Okay To Cheat: Here Is How A Cheat Day Can Help You In Weight Loss

In recent few years, people who are on a diet have shown the importance of having a day on which you can load yourself with calories that day is so called ” a cheat day.” On this day you can eat anything like pizza, burgers, ice cream or a juicy steak, it’s all up to you, what you want to eat. Most of the time, having a day on which you can eat anything will keep you motivated while you are on a diet. It’s just like having a day off from your work and hanging out with friends, spending time with your kids, anything you like that will keep you motivated for your work.

Many people will not believe that but cheat days are really good for your health. This advantage has to do with the calories restriction and its healthy effect on the body. As thyroid hormones control metabolism rate of our body and if we are taking fewer calories, the production of thyroid hormones is also decreased, and that’s not a healthy thing. So cheat days provide us the opportunity to make our body work as it was doing it before. This makes chest days essential and also satisfy the cravings for food that we cannot eat while on a diet.

But for some people cheat day cannot be a good thing as they lose self-control and abandon their diet. That can happen too often as many people don’t enjoy their diet plans.

So if you are planning a cheat day remember the following:

  1. Don’t do it too often. If you are doing a cheat day, don’t do it too often as you will become habitual of it and if you are making an excuse and trying to cheat even if it’s not your cheat day, that can be very dangerous for you and your diet plan as well. How often you should cheat, that depends on how much weight you want to lose. For example, if you are a starter on the diet plan you should not cheat.
  2. Avoid overeating. Cheat day does not mean that one should overeat to the point of excess we should eat in our limit and try to cheat for a single meal or single day. Do not overeat it is not healthy just relax and try to eat within your limits.
  3. Try to plan around holidays and special occasions. You should plan your cheat day on special occasions like birthdays, weddings or get together as the food option in these days are limited, and you will eat in the limit. So let yourself loose and eat whatever is served.
  4. Cheat on the day when you burn a lot of calories. Plan to cheat right after your big workout plan. Not only you will burn a lot of calories also you can have your cheat meal and enjoy whatever you like and try to eat a lot of proteins after your workout. Protein will prove much more beneficial than carbohydrates.